My Experience with Dr. Baldev Rai at Sleep Disorders & Neurodiagnostic Medical Center In Riverside, CA

Before you decide to become a patient of Dr. Baldev Rai of Sleep Disorders & Neurodiagnostic Medical Center in Riverside, CA, I would suggest you read my experience with him.

While I believe him to be a competent doctor, I am angered and will take my business elsewhere due to his policies.

I feel that he extorts (maybe squeezed money would be better, as I do not think he is necessarily breaking any laws) money by withholding forms requiring a medical signature unless he has seen you in the last year.

My Story

Dr. Baldev Rai diagnosed me with sleep apnea some 6 to 10 years ago.  It is something I will live with for life; I simply stop breathing at night.  Now I sleep with a CPAP machine that keeps oxygen flowing while I sleep.
Occasionally, the masks wear out (the seals break, the comfort features wear out, etc.) and you need to get them replaced. A mask will last between 6 and 18 months.

It used to be I would simply call Dr. Rai’s office in Riverside, tell them I needed a new mask, and they would fax over the prescription to the equipment provider and they would ship it out to me.

The last time I needed replacement sleep equipment, I called Dr. Baldev Rai at (951) 784-7190.  I was informed of their new policy that because the doctor had not seen me in the last year, he would be unable to provide that prescription.
I explained that my situation had not changed in the last 6 years, and all I needed was a new mask. 

In the end, I had to take a half a day off work and pay for an office visit so the doctor could ask me some mundane questions in what in my opinion was a farce of an appointment.


The thing that actually drove me to create this simple website sharing my personal experience with Sleep Disorders & Neurodiagnostic Medical Center of Riverside and Dr. Baldev Rai was the second such incident.

About 14 months after I got my new mask, I needed a form filled out for Southern California Edison.  The local electric company has a program for those who use medical equipment that adjusts the baseline.  The net result is a significant reduction in fees for those that use medical equipment.

I filled the form out, included a pre-stamped envelope to the electric company, and mailed a letter requesting him to simply confirm I used medical equipment and forward it to the electric company.

You probably see where this is going.  Being that “Dr. RAI HADN’T SEEN ME IN THE LAST YEAR”, he refused to acknowledge the form, but if I wanted to schedule an appointment he would be able to then.

Because the doctor failed to forward this updated form, a form he had previously authorized, my electric bill went up about 30%.

While I do not begrudge anyone to make a living, I refuse to be “held hostage” for my medical needs by an individual or organization who simply wants to line their pockets from my money, and that’s what dealing with Dr. Rai and his office staff feels like to me.

Should you wish to contact me, or if you have had a poor experience with this doctor, email me at paul at or call me at 909 525 0288.

I have had a horrible expreince as well with Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside.